Most people I meet would like to have more money, and as a result have more freedom. Are you one of them? Would you like bigger pay-rises and bonuses, or to generate more revenue and profit for your business? In this video I reveal some of the traits that prevent people from making the kind of money they really want to earn.

When it comes to having more money the first thing that needs to change is your money mindset or psychology around money. It’s not pre-curser to earning more, but without making shifts at that level you’re unlikely to sustain it or will undoubtedly sabotage yourself in some way and end up back at square one. Read any wealth or money book and the first thing that they suggest you work on will be your ‘money beliefs’. It is the first step you need to take before you even start thinking about the ‘how’ of making more money.

So to get you started I’ve filmed this video outlining the 9 traits of under earners from one of my favourite wealth and money authors, Barbara Stanny.

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Live long and prosper!