What the HELL is social media is a great video by Peter Kerwood that explains in 2 minutes, using 10 key facts, why brands and businesses need to take notice of social media.

The fact is Social Media is changing the whole way society communicates and changing the way people choose what to buy and where to go. Right now, as you read this, there are thousands of people in your area – your potential customers – using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. And it’s not just the kids. If your target market is between the age of 25 and 45 then they’re using Social Media in their thousands.

What are people saying about you and your business online? Do you know? If not find out be signing up for Google Alerts today and get notified whenever your name or your business name is mentioned online: www.google.com/alerts

If you’re NOT using Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Linked In etc) properly in your business then you’re almost certainly losing business and a host of opportunities to interact your current and prospective future customers/clients.